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Hello Yogi, 

Message from Joe Barnett

Welcome to Yin Variations









ジョー・バーネットとチーム インバリエーションズ


Twenty years ago, I met my teacher Paul Grilley, long before his creation of Yin Yoga spread across the world. I knew immediately that this practice would change my approach to teaching and practicing yoga. I did not realize at the time how my entire view of life would change.


Yin efforts of surrender into the depths of our bodies, Yin efforts of listening deeply, and the functional approach that shapes all Yin efforts to meet the unique body, mind and heart of each individual Yogi continues to carry me through this life with much greater clarity, compassion and skillful actions.


Your desire to better understand this practice and develop the skills to communicate it to others is noble. Know that this path begins with self-study and deeply personal introspection. Myself and the Yin Variations staff look forward to guiding you into a tour of your internal being of mind and emotions, and an exploration of your outer form of bones, muscles and fascia that will lead you to a deeper and more honest relationship with yourself.


While this process is about you leading you to to your best self. You will learn to help your friends, family, community members and eventually students on a similar process of finding their best selves, feeling lighter, and more easeful in their bodies and minds, and being more affective in their actions and engagements in the world.

Thank you for caring enough to join us on this path of Yin Yoga.

Thank you for trusting us and yourself.


Much love,

Joe Barnett and the Yin Variations team

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